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What’s this talk I hear about “mom and dad”? Chill out, you’re only high school kids! I’m the only dad here!!

What’s this talk I hear about “mom and dad”? Chill out, you’re only high school kids! I’m the only dad here!!

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Source: http://voracioussketching.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-Information-297234109



Money is tight and I’m opening commissions again, with an improved system, starting at just under $17. There are lots of different styles & options beyond the examples here. Thank you for looking!

Commission Info

Also if you like any of my volleythings and would like to commission me, I am open!

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welcome new volleyfriends

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Mom & dad are gonna be mad…

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Source: http://anime-express.tumblr.com/post/90982204396/i-love-this-anime-so-much


I love this anime so much

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God, Haikyuu is incredible.Anyway, wonder what these two are looking at?

God, Haikyuu is incredible.
Anyway, wonder what these two are looking at?

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Source: http://namface.tumblr.com/post/75063494660/im-gonna-print-this-on-sparkly-stuff-so-its-like



I’m gonna print this on sparkly stuff so it’s like shiny bookmarks with shiny protags with shiny pokemon 

I’ll put them online for order in a month or so i think


They are now up to order online!

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I know I haven’t posted any graphics here in a while and I’m sorry about that, but I gotta promo this video here!!

This is an animated PV for the manga, Yamada and the Seven Witches. The author made a tweet recently hinting that if the PV hit a million views, “something unthinkable may happen.”

As of right now there are only 994,077 views. If you could share the video around, that’d be great! o/

((While there’s nothing explicit in the video, I still wouldn’t recommend watching it in public because underwear shots))

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Source: http://kahla-kosplay.tumblr.com/post/88296028852/monster-high-ghoulia-yelps-cmmk-2014


Monster High- Ghoulia Yelps, CMMK 2014

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